Percy Jackson 3 Movie: Every Details That You Know

​Percy Jackson 3 Movie: The name Percy Jackson not only excites the young souls but also the old ones, as Rick Riordan attracted innumerable readers through his writing prowess. Rick’s son Haley inspired him to come up with a book based on Greek mythology when he ran out of fictional stories related to the teachings, and it led him to create a fictional character called Percy Jackson. His very first book Percy Jackson and the Olympians was extremely well received by the readers as it depicted how Percy Jackson tries his utmost to find out the lightning bolt of Zeus. And after the immense success of Rick’s first book, fans urged him to write some more on the fictional character of Percy Jackson, therefore, he released five more books later which were once again highly appreciated by the readers. Here we will be discussing about the upcoming Percy Jackson 3 movie.

Percy Jackson 3

After reading such intense books related to the Greek mythology, watching a movie based on the same story was highly overwhelming for the fandom. American filmmaker Chris Columbus mulled over the thought of presenting the happenings of Rick’s first book on the silver screens, and with extreme zeal he came up with Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief, the first film under the franchise of Percy Jackson. Released on February 12, 2010, the movie left the audiences jaw-dropped with the perfectionism in the plot line, due to which it did the victory march at the box office throughout. And Logan Lerman portraying the character of Percy Jackson was an absolute treat to the eyes for the viewers.

But the second film in the series tiled as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters directed by Thor Freudenthal was not that well received by the fandom as it differed from several facts and figures which were mentioned in the book. But looking at the brighter side, the earnings of both the films under the franchise was phenomenal as the amount settled down to a miraculous figure of $428.7 million. And now the questions which is there on the minds of every Percy Jackson fan is would there be a Percy Jackson 3 which will be based on Rick’s third novel The Titan’s Curse? Well! There are a lot of speculations related to the third installment of the film series but reports have stated that there might not be a Percy Jackson 3 at all but rumours are at rife that CW is mulling over the thought of adapting Percy Jackson into a television series. Reports and sources even highlighted that the network has invested a hefty amount for the production of the first installment of the tv series. But some of them are still expecting the filmmakers to come up with Percy Jackson 3 as there is no official declaration on either of the news. And if at all the movie gets released, the viewers will get to witness Thalia Grace, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase getting a ride to Westover Hall which is situated in Maine and happens to be a boarding school this time.

​However, sources have also mentioned that Logan Lerman who portrayed Percy Jackson in the movies might not be a part of the tv series at all as the developers are planning to cast a young actor as the protagonist of the show. And this sounds quite legit as the tv show will be depicting the happenings of Rick Riordan's novel series right from the scratch.

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date

It’s been almost four years ever since the second installment of Percy Jackson had come out and the failure of the film might be one of the reasons why the filmmakers are planning not to come up with the third installment. People have said that the director could not bring out the exact requirement of the scenarios with extreme excellence and they failed to connect with the happenings of the movie. On the other hand, quite a few viewers might be left with a dispirited heart if the production of Percy Jackson 3 doesn’t kick-start. Logan Lerman acquired immense recognition through both the movies under the series and no matter how disappointing the second installment was, but the fandom once again highly appreciated the acting prowess of Lerman.

Nevertheless, there is no news on the release date of Percy Jackson 3 yet and reports have also stated that it has higher chances of getting cancelled. So we will update this section whenever there is an official confirmation regarding the Percy Jackson 3 Release Date.

Percy Jackson 3 Cast

The first film in the series was based on how young Percy Jackson figures out that he is the son of Poseidon, who happens to be the Greek God of the sea due to which Percy heads towards a training camp for the demigods which is known as Camp-Half Blood. And the main twist in the plot line of the film triggers when Hades kidnaps Percy’s mom gets and he gets blamed for stealing the lightning bolt of Zeus. While the second installment of the movie revolves around how Percy along with his friends steps into an all new journey of recovering the Golden Fleece in order to safeguard the spirit of Thalia which was intact in a magical tree. And to make both the installments extremely intriguing it was important for the filmmakers to cast suitable actors for every character. And Logan Lerman has undoubtedly stood up with the expectations of the viewers with his breathtaking acting prowess in both the movies under the series.

Nevertheless, quite a few viewers are optimistic about the fact that Percy Jackson 3 might happen and keeping that in mind we have shed light on the characters who can make possible comeback in the third installment of the feature film.​

Percy Jackson 3 Expected Cast

Percy Jackson: Depicted by Logan Lerman the character of Percy Jackson is one of the main protagonists of the feature film. The fictional character was invented by author Rick Riordan when he started figuring out stories on Greek mythology for his son. Nevertheless, Percy Jackson is a demigod who is the son of a Greek god, Poseidon and has been diagnosed with dyslexia as well as ADHD. Percy’s character is extremely difficult to predict as he is termed as “changeable like a sea” and has superpowers like breathing underwater, controlling the water, thriving hurricanes as well as conversing with animals. And his character comes into the limelight when he get charged of stealing the lightning bolt of Zeus and how he tries his utmost to prove that he is not the lightening thief.

Annabeth Chase: The young demigod is the daughter of Frederick Chase and Athena and also the cousin of Magnus Chase who is a Norse demigod. Annabeth’s father asked Athena to take their daughter back to Olympus and raise her there, but Athena refused to do so and told Frederick that legends are supposed to be raised by their mortal parents. Annabeth’s father remarried when she was just 5 years old, nevertheless, she was attacked by spiders one night due to which she called out for her father but her step mother did not let her Annabeth meet her father at that point of time because the spiders had hid by the time he step mother had come into the room.

But she got painful spider bites all over her body by the time she woke up due to which she ran away from her home. Nevertheless, depicted by Alexandra Daddario, Annabeth is the girlfriend of Percy Jackson.

Grover Underwood: Portrayed by Brandon T. Jackson, Grover Underwood is the Lord of the Wild as well as a satyr who figured out the demigods which include, Luke Castellan, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Bianca Di Angelo, Nico and Percy Jackson. Grover has also spent a lot of time with Percy Jackson in his school in order to find out that whether he is a demigod or not. However, Chiron took over as Percy’s teacher later on.

Hermes: Essayed by Nathan Fillion, Hermes is the father of Luke Castellan and the Greek God of messengers, travel, thieves, roads, speeds, merchants and so on. Hermes is noted by the symbol Caduceus and was born to Maia and Zeus after the first Titan war. He shockingly matured in les span of time and stole the cattle of Apollo and made the lyre. Hermes is extremely intellectual as he tried out a clever trick of convincing Zeus that how innocent he was but that didn’t work out for Zeus.

  • Luke Castellan: The son of May Castellan and Hermes, Luke Castellan is a Greek demigod and was the main antagonist of the first installment of Percy Jackson. Luke has the power to see through the Mist which is a supernatural force and is controlled by Hecate who is a goddess. He was once tricked by Titan Kronos due to which his spirit took over Luke’s body. Nevertheless, the character of Luke is portrayed by Jake Abel.
  • Thalia Grace: Depicted by Paloma Kwiatkowski Thalia Grace is also a Greek demigod and the daughter of Zeus. Thalia was transformed into a magical tree at the Half Blood Hill due to which Percy Jackson and his friends embarked on an all new journey of recovering the Golden Fleece in order to save the tree which had Thalia’s spirit.
  • Dionysus: Widely known as Mr. D, Dionysus is the Greek God of wine, parties, grape harvest and ecstacy and is the camp director of the demigod training centre Camp-Half-Blood and Bacchus is his Roman counterpart. Nevertheless, the character of Dionysus is portrayed by Stanley Tucci in the second installment of Percy Jackson.

Kronos: One of the most powerful characters of the Percy Jackson series, Kronos is the child of Gaea and the King of Titans. He is accused for some major turmoil in the Percy Jackson series such as the second war of Titans called Second Titanomachy. Nevertheless, he is the Titan lord of Harvest, Evil and Time and his Roman counterpart of Saturn.

Poseidon: The son of Kronos, Titans and Rhea Poseidon is the Greek God of Horses, Hurricanes, destructions, floods, storms and oceans and Neptune is his Roman counterpart. His Father Kronos had an insecurity of Poseidon taking over him as he was a God due to which he was swallowed by his father.

Percy Jackson 3: Spoilers and Speculations

The second film in the Percy Jackson series might not have been well received by the viewers but that didn’t stop them from expecting the production of Percy Jackson 3 to kick-start. And as we had already mentioned earlier that the third installment of the feature film might not happen as there are rumors that CW is planning to come up with Percy Jackson series. And it has been said that if the television series come into inception then Logan Lerman might not feature in the series as there are chances that a new actor might be introduced as Percy Jackson who would resemble a 14 year old. Nevertheless, Logan himself have come up with a statement where he says that he is not sure whether Pthe third installment of the film series is actually happening or not due to which quite a few fans have been left with a dispirited heart.

It has also been reported that CW has invested a lump sum production cost of $12 million which will be spent on the first season of the series as well as the first half of the second installment. So is it a clear indication that a Television series regarding Percy Jackson is on the cards?

Percy Jackson 3 Trailer

Despite the cancellation rumor regarding Percy Jackson 3 doing the rounds, there are few fan base trailer available online, and this indicates that quite a lot of viewers are anxiously waiting for the release of Percy Jackson 3. And if they are lucky enough then the filmmakers would surely come up with the third film in series which would be called as Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse. But it seems that the chances are low as most of the reports have stated that there would be a television series on the feature film. But if there is an official confirmation on the release date of Percy Jackson 3, then most of the viewers would definitely sigh. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed and be optimistic.