Choosing the Best Kitchen Faucet

There are many different types of kitchen faucets available in the market and with all different designs, it is really difficult to choose the best kitchen faucet. In this article, we have listed some of the criteria that you must consider before buying a faucet. Considering these points will enable you to purchase the best kitchen faucet for yourself and this would also ensure that you do not regret your buying decision. So here are some important points to be considered so as to make the right choice.

Number of Handles – This is an important factor while considering the purchase, you might want a dual handle for the faucet if you have hot and cold water running through the faucet and you may also seek a single handle faucet with the flow control for hot and cold water. In addition to this, if you want, you can consider a handle-less faucet that comes with an automatic sensor.

The Type of Arch – You may also choose the right arc for yourself. If you have large pots to wash then it would be a wise choice to opt for a high arc but if you have an open kitchen then you might also want to opt for a low arc faucet.

Type of Handle – There are 2 basic types of handle, one pulls out and the other is pull down. The difference isn’t much and it doesn’t matter which one you choose. You may also want a side sprayer with your faucet as it makes it really easy to clean the sink.

Number of Holes – This is another important thing to consider. There are many options in the faucet and they are available from one hole to three or more holes. You must check the existing assembly and the sink before you choose the number of holes.

Type of Mounting – This is again a subjective choice and three choices that are available here are Deck Mounted Faucet, Wall Mounted Faucet, and Sink Mounted Faucet. It basically depends on the design of your kitchen and the deck. This also depends on the connection inlet of water pipe so consider the same before making a choice.

Material – You need to consider the material wisely as it would also govern the finishing of the faucet. There are many options available for Chrome, Steel, Nickle, and Brass. You can choose the one which matches the design of your kitchen. The design is also dependent on the material you choose and it should really match up with the style of your kitchen.

Cost – Lastly you should consider the cost of the faucet as well. The cost can shoot up really high and it is majorly dependent on the features you are selecting. For example, the automatic faucet is quite expensive when compared to a regular one. The choice of material also decides the cost and hence you might have to choose trade-off between one or several features

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If you consider these criteria before making a purchase of the kitchen faucet then you will surely be happy with your purchase decision

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