Percy Jackson 3 Release Date (Is it Coming or Not?)

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date: The upcoming American feature film Percy Jackson garnered lots of acclamation and fan following with its previous installment titled as ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief’ released in 2010 and ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ released in 2013. Both the films were praised for its superb plot and extraordinary protagonist performance. Generating total revenue worth $430 million as well as $200 million respectively, Percy Jackson film series did marvelous job at the box office business in a worldwide basis. With lesser known details for the upcoming feature film, Percy Jackson 3 release date might be currently under wraps. Several reports state that the third installment of the movie may not come into existence at all as there might be a television series of the same name on the cards.

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date

Revolving around a plot or storyline of the adventurous life of Percy Jackson (central protagonist) along with his comrades at the demigod training ground of Half-Blood Camp, Percy Jackson previous installment showcased a powerful development regarding the character going miles in search quest of his mother so as to save her from the unlikely wrath of underworld eventually proving his innocence on the matter of theft.

He was blamed of stealing the Lightning from God Zeus but he, however, managed to escape. Trying best to retrieve the golden fleece from the sea of monsters (or Bermuda Triangle), Percy Jackson ought to save the camp from the dark forces. With Percy Jackson 3 in the line of making, the storyline will continue with how he managed to save the camp, his relation with mother and so on.

Percy Jackson 3 Release Date

​However, the third installment is quite at an unstable position as rumours went out as there won’t be any Percy Jackson 3 but with so much popularity gained by the last two installments it’s going through a massive series of questions, whether it will be released as a movie or simply a television series. There are speculations that The CW is planning to adapt the famous feature film thus making it a 12 episode long TV series. Well, fans that have been following Percy Jackson series would actually choose the third installment rather than lengthen television series.

​But if we take a deep look into the matter then experts believe that The CW has already set aside $12 milion budget for the first season of Percy Jackson. Now, if the movie is not being made then fans have to go with the series rather than film franchise subsequently carrying forwards with the halted storyline. However, the writer of the famous book or novel Percy Jackson has almost revealed that he might pen down the pot for Percy Jackson 3 but when asked for the launch or release of the respective series, he did not give any reaction. The television adaptation of Percy Jackson might turn out to be great for the viewers as the second installment of the film was not appreciated to a larger extent by most of the moviegoers. And if the tv series is actually happening then the developers might try their utmost to make it much intriguing than the movie. However, there are still some people who would want to witness the third entry of the film but the maximum number of fans are waiting for the confirmation of the television series.

So, with all the speculations pouring in, there is quite seldom chance that Percy Jackson 3 will be in the making with its release date still under wraps.

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