Percy Jackson 3 Trailer/Teaser (Watch it Right Now)

Percy Jackson 3 Trailer: Starting with the movie Percy Jackson, a background story for those who do not know about this American feature film series based on the novel series of the same name by the author Rick Riordan. The story revolves around the son of Poseidon who lives in the modern world. The protagonist of the movie Percy does not know that he is the son of the God of the Sea until destiny guided him to meet up with the daughter of Athena. 20th Century Fox distributed the series of the movie which was produced by 1492 Pictures and till now we have only two installment of the series.

The first film, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was released on 2010 and was directed by Chris Columbus. After the success of the first installment the second installment of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters released in the year 2013 and was directed by Thor Freudenthal and the fans just could not get enough of this Demigod thrill that the first two movies gave us all. Now coming to the trailer of the film, which is going to be the third installment of the Percy Jackson series, we do not have any updates about the trailer but we can provide some interesting facts about the third installment which is titled Percy Jackson 3: The Titan's Curse.

The protagonist of the Percy Jackson film series Logan Lerman had confirmed three years ago that Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie would be the last of the film series and in this film there would be the possibility of the protagonist to bid farewell. The fact that this was not something that was true for the diehard fans came to the obvious fact that there are several fan made trailer of the possible third installment of the film series. Apart from that according to the story based on the novel series the third "Percy Jackson" movie proceeded, its story would be based on "The Titan's Curse," the third book in Riordan's "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" series.

We can validate this by the synopsis of the third book where Percy gets ready to fight after receiving a distress call from his friend Grover. With his other demigod friends in tow, he finally arrives at where Grover is and learns that his friend has discovered something: two powerful half-bloods of unknown parentage. We even get to know that in the month of March 2014 Logan Lerman had stated that the third installment was still possible. “If we want to make a third one I have to do it, I’m contractually obligated to three movies. I love those movies, they’re e a lot of fun to make,” he said.

Percy Jackson 3 Trailer/Teaser

The second film of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters revolves around Percy’s escapade where he must retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece from the sea of monsters, or the Bermuda triangle, which is the only thing that will save the camp from the forces of darkness.

Therefore with the previous reports that already indicated that the sequel may never happen and in an interview with had lead character actor Logan Lerman saying that "It's not happening”. The fans are still hope full about the return of the third installment. According to several other media outlets we get to know the fact that Fox had most likely shelved the project "momentarily" and that the studio is waiting for the right moment to revive the franchise, "whether as a sequel or a reboot."

In conclusion, till now all that we can do is wait for the official news about the making of the third installment and till that happens the fan made Percy Jackson 3 trailers are the only things that would keep us going for the moments.

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